Places and spaces

To bring you stories that are right up your street in Didsbury, the six Re/Place(d) writers delved into the seedy past of a grand railway hotel gone to the dogs, the ghostly goings-on in the second oldest building after the church opposite, a nearby Victorian villa with unique stained glass windows, a mothballed members-only club, the changing faces of the railway station where trains from London used to pass through and an Art Deco block of flats with a mysterious safe.

For the Re/Place commission for Chorlton Arts Festival 2015, the writers explored various reappropriated and ghost places and spaces in the Chorlton-cum-Hardy environs, including a Temperance Movement billiard hall turned pub, the unique Chorltonville garden estate, shadowy traces of Cosgrove Hall, a paddling pool in Chorlton Park, the Art Deco delight that is Longford Cinema and the old St Clement’s Church graveyard (the entrance to which is in the image below, with Re/Place writers David Gaffney and Sarah-Clare Conlon).

conlon15  chorltonville map

Longford cinema chorltonparkpaddlingpool1sedge lynn cosgrove hall


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